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Dear Maurice,

I hope you are well. I wish to update you on my findings since purchasing the supplements from you. Firstly, I want to thank you for giving me back my manhood. rideebonyride.gifThere is nothing as humiliating and ego denting as not being able to maintain an erection for your woman. Secondly, after taking the capsules as you recommended I noticed a major change within a matter of days. My penis felt heavier, as you had said the influx of blood flow became evident and most of all to hear my wife comment on my penis as if it were brand new was the best feeling ever. It gave me back confidence that I once had over a decade ago. Do you remember me confessing that sexual relations were at rock bottom at home and I was sure that my wife would contemplate away games if I did nothing about my condition. The good news is that I can go for much longer and I am able to satisfy my wife without my prior struggles. Now, I finished my packs about a month ago and I feel like I am not as strong as I was before. What could be the problem?

Maurice replies,

My good man, and I believe I explained that natural supplements are not medicine, you were not taking them to cure a disease. You were taking them to sustain sexual prowess by fueling your body with essential nutrients that day to day food cannot provide. As I advised, supplements are taken as part of your lifestyle. It is like a car, it requires refueling to maintain it’s travels, the same applies to bodily optimization to maintain sexual stamina and performance. Once the fuel is on empty, you normally receive a warning light which explains your current position.

He replies,

So what you are saying is that I will need to make them part of my diet?

Maurice replies,

That is correct. Plus many foods that us humans tend to consume are far more harmful than natural supplements. Have you maintained the 3 to 4 celery smoothies per week as I recommended?

He replies,semenejaculation

Yes, without fail. I blend the celery with water melon as you advised. It took about 3 weeks but I noticed an increase in my semen volume, even my wife mentioned. Sorry for the TMI but she loves blow jobs so she said my semen tasted good for once lol. It may be a stupid question but is semen OK for consumption, she tends to swallow and she says she loves it but I can’t imagine swallowing that much?

Maurice replies,

Well, I don’t think semen is going to be packaged at your local supermarket any time soon and considering semen is composed of a variety of proteins, it is not going to do any harm to your wife. There is nothing unhealthy about eating semen just avoid serving it at the family table if you get my drift!

He replies,

Hehehe.. nice one. I have been worrying about my prostrate health. Can you advised on things I can eat to promote good health in that region?

Maurice replies,

You are already taking celery which is fantastic for sexual health but what you can also add to your daily consumption, separately, is to add a sliced lemon to a mug of hot water. Once you are done with your serving, you just add more water to the mug. I normally add a clove of garlic which has anti-cancer properties. I highly recommend you take this mix daily or at least 4 times a week. You can substitute your tea/coffee breaks with this health mix of hot water, lemon and garlic. You will not regret it. The key to good male health is be consistent and making this diet regime part of your life.

He replies,

I am happy that you have clarified about the supplement usage and I will now begin my dedicated regime. It helps me to feel manly and most importantly it enables me to satisfy my wife. Thank you for your time and advise.

Squirting tutorials

I have a video where I illustrate in detail how to make a woman squirt. Disclaimer, there is nudity in the video, you will actually see me making a woman squirt. If you are interested please make payment via MPESA to this number +254720229351 or PAYPAL (maurice_concepts@yahoo.co.uk) and I will send you a link so you can access the video. Please DO NOT share the link. Whatsapp me for more details.

Have a look at my packages https://mauricetherapy.com/session-packages


Supplement Poster

Watch this video for more details on herbal supplements (both men & women)

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Vaginal cleansing

Dear Maurice,ebonyhappyandsmiling

I want to thank you for introducing me to Ai Er gel. I thought to give you the feedback you had ask for. It has really worked for me. Like many women I have washed my private parts with warm water and the occasional natural yoghurt which was working but for me it did not help other conditions like odour, dryness and itchiness. As I told you my libido and self confidence was low but after using 3 boxes of Ai Er over 9 days I feel like a woman again. My husband even made a comment that I have changed for the better.

Maurice replies,

I am glad to hear that Ai Er has worked for you. Has your vaginal discharged gone?

She replies,

Yes it has. I feel like I have renewed private parts lol. My back aches are also gone completely. For someone who was skeptical I must say that this product has done wonders for me. I recommend it to all women. The lady you referred me to who educated me about Ai Er was very helpful. May be you are not told this often but you are doing a great job helping people in very many ways. I have followed your work for years and this is your calling. Thank you Maurice.


Ladies, Ai Er is here.


It is in my opinion the best feminine hygiene gel in the market. It protects the reproductive system by killing pyogenic coccus, pathogenic yeast and infectious bacteria.

Ai Er can be used during intercourse to cure both parties from STDs / UTIs.

Ai Er kills pathogens that cause STDs (prevention), controls pathogens caused vaginitis cervicitis, cervical erosion, the occurrence of the disease, and also eliminate odours, stops the itchiness, clear the function of abnormal vaginal discharge. No more backaches, weak limbs, bleeding during intercourse, no more irregular painful menstruation.The product is endorsed by WHO.

For more details call Susan 0720241108. Tell her you were referred by Maurice.

Tomorrow 25th March from 5pm I will be at Sonalux House 9th floor on Moi Avenue, coming from Kenyatta avenue it is the building after Nairobi Sports House. There will be a free talk on vagina health. Those who can visit earlier in the afternoon please let me know 0720229351.

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Manage your libido

With modern living and the array of unhealthy foods we eat on a daily or weekly basis you find that there are millions of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Due to the lack of information especially in the African ebonysexcontinent where talking about sex is taboo, you find couples doubting each other in the context of the man not being able to gain an erection and if he does he then looses the firmness as fast as he gained it. With frequent episodes of low sex drive you find his partner accusing him of cheating when in reality the man has a psychological or physiological problem hence the low desire for sex and the inability to satisfy his partner. It is unfortunate but such cases have led to relationships falling apart mainly due to lack of communication, apart from the woman’s suspicions the man is too proud to share with his partner that he may be having a problem with his manhood. This can put a strain on the relationship and create a rift in the sex department.

Well gents, the above predicament need not be experienced anymore. Over the last 3 months I have vigrx_for_menreceived positive feedback from my clients who were suffering from premature ejaculation and I recommended Vigrx for men from China. After using 24 to 32 capsules they have witnessed their sex drive go up and most importantly they can gain a firm erection and sustain it for much longer than before. One of my clients also noticed that his penis girth had increased which meant there was a significant increase in blood flow to his penis, in his words “my penis feels heavier”. One pack has 8 capsules which can be taken just before sex or one capsule after every 3 days. The clients who witnessed the best results followed a strict dose of one capsule daily then after the eighth day they took a break for 3 days and repeated the daily dose, consuming a minimum of 3 packs in one month.

Please note, that Vigrx from China compared to Vigrx Plus from Canada has a unique herbal combination that cures premature ejaculation.

The cost per pack is 3k (exclusive of delivery charges). I have an offer at 2k per pack + 300bob in the Nairobi area. Those outside Nairobi let me know where you are so I can work out the delivery charge. The 2k offer will end 31st December 2014. To order call 0720229351.

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Dear Maurice,

As you had requested I have decided to deliver the feedback you wanted. Before I do I would like to share my story which I am sure will impact on many of your male readers. I am 36 years old and happily married for 11erectiledysfunction years to a woman who has been very supportive through my trials with erectile dysfunction. Just over a year ago my sexual drive slowed down. I could gain an erection and before you know it I would loose it. This was pretty frustrating because at first I did not know what was changing within me. Any man can tell you that it is one of the worst experiences when you cannot sustain an erection especially when your goal is to satisfy your woman and you find yourself unable to perform.

I found the strength to share my dilemma with my wife and to my surprise she was very understanding and we both researched on a remedy, before I was referred to you I had tried numerous pills but most gave me headaches and other unpleasant feelings. I was skeptical about finding a solution but my friend assured me that consult with you would yield results.  I then called you and we met. It is one phone call I do not regret making.

Today I can confidently say that vigrx plus has brought back my manhood. It has been 9 months since I started to use the product everyday and like you said Matheka, once it got into my system it transformed my sexualerectile remedy performance within days. My sexual desire has gone up tremendously and my erections are much harder. I have not experienced any negative side effects, just a firmer penis which looks bigger due to the blood flow enabled by the formula of vigrx plus. My wife is pleased as you can imagine. It is a major ego booster when your wife says “you feel bigger inside me”.

But I must stress that if there are men out there suffering from erectile dysfunction or are experiencing low sex drive I recommend this product. Swallow your pride and regain your manhood. Before my current status I was suffering from anxiety whenever I was about to have sex and trust me stress and sex do not go together. Even when my wife would try and give me a blow job my anxiety would kick in and having an erection was impossible. I went through a period where I was sure my wife was going to cheat on me for not being able to satisfy her sexual needs. It was a stressful time but thankfully those days are gone. For me vigrx plus which is a combination of natural herbs has awoken the man in me.

*To my readers. The above testimonial can be your reality but I must point out that if you do start on vigrx plus, you must take it as a lifestyle. vigrx plus is not medicine, it is a combination of herbs that boosts your sexual drive and well being. Herbs have been used for centuries Worldwide but unfortunately ancient wisdom has been ignored in modern day living.

Order your Vigrx Plus pack today.


I have a few women who cannot get a group together for the squirting session (package 2 or 4) so if you fall under that category and would not mind a session with other ladies let me know asap so we can form a group, agree on a date in August/September and host a session. A minimum of 10 women paying 3K or 4K per person. If you are not serious please do not respond.



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For far too long you have asked me for a product that increases your desire for sex. I have found it and I have it in stock, it is called Horny Goat Weed with Maca by Nature’s Bounty.

So lets break down the benefits of this product:

Horny Goat Weed with Maca

Horny Goat Weed is herbal.

Funny enough the name came about when a Chinese herdsman noticed sexual activity after his herd ate the weed.

It has been used for centuries by the Chinese as a natural aphrodisiac. It is known to be one of the most powerful erotic herbs. Taken as a lifestyle supplement horny goat weed does aid in increasing sexual desire.

The other benefit is the ‘maca root’. Maca is grown In Peru. It is regarded as a super healing food by Peruvians. In the realm of scientific research maca is a powerful adaptogen hence the reason the maca root is known for balancing one’s hormones. It is not recommended to pregnant or nursing women.

The maca root is used Worldwide to increase fertility, sex drive, regulate menstrual circles, clearing acne and aiding in general skin health, ease menopausal symptoms, boost energy and for men it helps to build muscles and improving sperm count.

Another benefit for women is that the maca root is known to keep a woman’s body in shape. Studies have shown that even though results vary from one woman to the next, maca root helps women to have and sustain a curvacious body. Some women have reported plentiful breasts after taking maca. This is only possible because Maca is an adaptogen, so if a woman’s breast did not grow as they should because lets say their estrogen was too low, then with Maca their estrogen was balanced and breast growth accrued. There is no magic to maca, just science. Women have also described the results of taking maca by stating that it seems fat is distributed to the ass, breasts, hips and thighs instead of to the arms and abdominal area.

It is important that you note, Horny Goat Weed does not cure sexual deficiency it aids to increase sexual desire and activity.

Horny Goat Weed is produced by several companies, my warning to you is that some brands in the market are cheap, and we all know cheap can be expensive or harmful however purchasing is within your discretion.

The one I stock is Ksh6,000 for 60 capsules.

And for my male clients. I would like to thank you for your continued faith in vigrx. You will be happy to know that I have the advanced formula, it is Vigrx Plus.


The standard vigrx has 8 capsules that you take every 3 to 4 days over one month @ksh3,000

Now Vigrx Plus has 60 capsules, recommended 2 per day @ksh6,000

One myth, this supplement is not meant to make your penis bigger however your penis will receive more blood flow and as a result during sex will inflate your penis girth to a fuller and stronger erection.

During a clinical study the following was noticed:

62.8% of men had an increase in ability to maintain their erection
59.9% of men had an increase in ability to penetrate their partner
22.4% of men had an increase in orgasms
71.4% of men had an increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction
47.0% of men had an increase in sex drive and desire
61.0% of men had an increase in their overall sexual satisfaction

So there you have it. Two herbal products that enhance your general well being and your sexual life. Before any purchase from me I would recommend that you do your own research so that you are fully aware of the product and are happy with your findings.

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