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Dear Maurice,

I hope you are well. I wish to update you on my findings since purchasing the supplements from you. Firstly, I want to thank you for giving me back my manhood. rideebonyride.gifThere is nothing as humiliating and ego denting as not being able to maintain an erection for your woman. Secondly, after taking the capsules as you recommended I noticed a major change within a matter of days. My penis felt heavier, as you had said the influx of blood flow became evident and most of all to hear my wife comment on my penis as if it were brand new was the best feeling ever. It gave me back confidence that I once had over a decade ago. Do you remember me confessing that sexual relations were at rock bottom at home and I was sure that my wife would contemplate away games if I did nothing about my condition. The good news is that I can go for much longer and I am able to satisfy my wife without my prior struggles. Now, I finished my packs about a month ago and I feel like I am not as strong as I was before. What could be the problem?

Maurice replies,

My good man, and I believe I explained that natural supplements are not medicine, you were not taking them to cure a disease. You were taking them to sustain sexual prowess by fueling your body with essential nutrients that day to day food cannot provide. As I advised, supplements are taken as part of your lifestyle. It is like a car, it requires refueling to maintain it’s travels, the same applies to bodily optimization to maintain sexual stamina and performance. Once the fuel is on empty, you normally receive a warning light which explains your current position.

He replies,

So what you are saying is that I will need to make them part of my diet?

Maurice replies,

That is correct. Plus many foods that us humans tend to consume are far more harmful than natural supplements. Have you maintained the 3 to 4 celery smoothies per week as I recommended?

He replies,semenejaculation

Yes, without fail. I blend the celery with water melon as you advised. It took about 3 weeks but I noticed an increase in my semen volume, even my wife mentioned. Sorry for the TMI but she loves blow jobs so she said my semen tasted good for once lol. It may be a stupid question but is semen OK for consumption, she tends to swallow and she says she loves it but I can’t imagine swallowing that much?

Maurice replies,

Well, I don’t think semen is going to be packaged at your local supermarket any time soon and considering semen is composed of a variety of proteins, it is not going to do any harm to your wife. There is nothing unhealthy about eating semen just avoid serving it at the family table if you get my drift!

He replies,

Hehehe.. nice one. I have been worrying about my prostrate health. Can you advised on things I can eat to promote good health in that region?

Maurice replies,

You are already taking celery which is fantastic for sexual health but what you can also add to your daily consumption, separately, is to add a sliced lemon to a mug of hot water. Once you are done with your serving, you just add more water to the mug. I normally add a clove of garlic which has anti-cancer properties. I highly recommend you take this mix daily or at least 4 times a week. You can substitute your tea/coffee breaks with this health mix of hot water, lemon and garlic. You will not regret it. The key to good male health is be consistent and making this diet regime part of your life.

He replies,

I am happy that you have clarified about the supplement usage and I will now begin my dedicated regime. It helps me to feel manly and most importantly it enables me to satisfy my wife. Thank you for your time and advise.

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