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Dear Maurice,fakemarriage

I am a married man with a wife and three kids who I love but I am at roads end. I have followed your work for years and witnessed many share their story. I guess this is my time to share mine. I have been married for 18 years but with a heavy heart having to pretend that I achieved fulfillment. I love my wife and kids but I have never had romantic passionate love for my wife. It has all been a show, a long show, to please my mother, friends and to gain societal acceptance, approval, it has been an agonizing journey not to be with the one I truly desire and love.

Maurice asks,

Whom do you desire?

He replies,

I am gay and always have been. Ever since I was in primary I knew I liked boys more than I should. I did my best to try and like the opposite sex but to no avail, though I never revealed my true desires until later. When you live in a society where being gay is demonized you do your best to cloak you true sexual orientation. When in campus I healthyblackmen_orgfound my best friend and lover. We never once presented our relationship and we made sure we stole every moment and it has been the case for the last 26 years. We are both married and our wives know each other. They have always thought of us as close friends but they have no idea how close. Our life has been like a social experiment, at every corner pretending we are heterosexual, following societal rules and expectations that add to the challenge of ever being together. We once contemplated on moving to Europe considering we can both qualify for good jobs but we thought of the damage it would cause of families. My question to you is, we are thinking of coming out to our family and telling them the truth, would you recommend that course of action?

Maurice replies,

Well, my question to you is why now, why have you reconsidered your move which you once thought not wise?

He replies,

Our kids are all grown and we feel that we have given enough of ourselves to accommodate society. It is time for us to enjoy each other, even in hiding but at least we shall be together at last. Our bond and love is true to the core and based on following your work, our relationship has out lasted majority of heterosexual marriages where people are dwelling in misery and pretense.

Maurice replies,

My job is to understand not judge. I am an advocate for happiness. If you have it go for it however there are consequences to your actions, what about your careers, we both know that the corporate & business World will not accept your gay relations if found out. You know Kenyans are extremely nosey and as effective as Sherlock Holmes when it comes to unveiling the truth. How will you survive a scandal?

He replies, richblackman

We are both well off. We have far more than we need and our wives are not aware of investments that date back 24 years. If we have to relocate we will. We currently have properties in two Countries that are friendly to our choice to live a gay life. If we were to be denied work we would manage at least 20 years not needing an income stream. In case you are wondering our families will be well taken care of.

It is sad that we live in a society that enforces harsh law on people like us and this heterosexual partnership are not working for even those who would never conceive being gay. My gay partner and I both have male friends and we can attest that all 12 close pals who are married to amazingly beautiful women are all calculating cheats. We were there when they met their wives and courted them with immense charm only to mold their wives into household slaves where men are excused by society but women are judged harshly for doing the same thing. It is such a disgrace that we have normalized the behaviour of such men. I am glad that your work sexually liberates women, keep up the good work. My gay partner and I have lusted for one other for 26 years, if that is not genuine love then what is!!!! It is unfortunate that leaving Kenya might be our only choice for real freedom but we are willing to take that leap. You only live once, why not spend that time with your ultimate true love.

Maurice replies,

The fact is, each one of us should make conscious decisions that suit us, not society, I believe too much sacrifice eats into your soul and begins to kill you from within. If you want to live on an Island and fish for a living until the day you depart this Earth, that is your right. It is unfortunate that as Africans we are pressured to live life to cater for others and never ourselves. Even after your children leave the nest, there is always some family member(s) that needs financial support and many a times you have to be present so your dreams to one day live on an Island are never realized. Sadly that is our exists and we justify it by saying that that is our noble duty, it’s laughable. My take is simple, if you have the opportunity to realize you dreams and desires seize the moment and live it to the full. Those who judge you as you said are most likely suffering in pretense and envious of your boldness to steer your life as you see fit. Good luck mate, enjoy your voyage and do not look back.

He replies,

Asante Matheka. Your maturity and understanding of human dynamics is refreshing. We shall seize the moment and for once break out of our incarceration. Thank you for your time.

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