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I consider myself a very liberal person which over the years has been confirmed by many. I love sarcastic humour, British especially, I love a bit of a laugh. Other things about me.... I have a passion for singing (music is my life) I sing at weddings; performing sentimental songs for the bride & groom. I give her a list of love songs she picks and I perform at the church and at the reception. I also MC at a variety of functions. Perform session 'freelance' singing with a few bands as a vocalist Fishing; night fishing especially (that's the jungu in me) I do fish for Tilapia but at night you can catch the predators of many rivers and those are large cat fish I totally love dogs, currently have 4 dogs I love dancing to old skool music; music / artists from the 70's to 90's is my thing. But I will listen to the newer stuff as well 'with a gun to my head'! I host karaoke nights, I have the gear / equipment and over 400 songs, another passion of mine When it comes to my job, I love it, teaching women about the male psyche; the male brain and the category of men that are out there. I also passionately love the sexual element where I practically teach women about their ability to enjoy sex. Sex is not about intercourse alone, that would be boring, its about self awareness, self exploration, you will not always need a partner, its about knowing your body, knowing your nerve endings that stimulate sensations that can lead to an orgasm or better yet the ultimate ability to orgasm and squirt (the gushing of water like fluid from your vagina). It is not plug and play though, the mental craving must be there and the willingness to have no inhibitions.

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